Coaching and Training Topics

Coaching and Training Topics

For Companies (Our Portfolio):


  • Development of clear and authentic communication with upper management
  • Preparing critical leadership decisions
  • Support personal career development of leaders within the organization

Project Management

  • Clarification of roles and tasks in the project team
  • Preparation of project team meetings, kick-off meetings, and milestone meetings
  • Coaching as an individual supplement to a project manager training


  • Develop high performance teams and effective team work
  • Handling and solving conflicts in the team
  • Onboarding of new team members

Your Benefit:

  • Achieve Business Goals by improving the leadership skills of your leadership team and benefit from my industry expertise in the life sciences as a manager, scientist and coach / mentor
  • Gain employee loyalty: You promote the strengths and potential of your employees and develop perspectives for fulfilling careers
  • Improved Team Leadership: Leverage expertise in working with local and global project teams and using conflict resolution strategies for teams
  • Impactful project management: You receive support through my extensive knowledge in the use of project management tools & techniques during the various phases of projects and programs
  • Tailored training: Based on your training needs analysis you will receive tailor-made training with subsequent, sustainable coaching

For Private Individuals:


  • You have a professional degree in your pocket and want a successful start of your career as a young professional
  • You are in a career crisis and looking for new, professional prospects that you fulfill
  • You want to resolve conflicts in your professional relationships with colleagues or superiors well and permanently

Your Benefit:

  • Individual Career Coaching: You benefit from my industry knowledge in Life Science as a manager, scientist and coach / mentor
  • Inspirational Team and Relationship Coaching: Through the use of coaching techniques you will learn how to effectively improve your professional relationships and your work in groups
  • Improved work-life balance: You get support for your lifestyle through my expertise as a coach and trainer